HiTech, MyTech, CYTECH …

It’s a hello and good morning from the now fully-qualified CYTECH Level Two Mechanic, your trusty Loz. Having spend the morning over in Stafford with Mike from ATG Training – the leading CYTECH Accredited Training Centre in the UK – in what is the most fabulous workshop this side of the Atlantic, we carried out what is essentially the full works on one of their test bikes.

Strip and rebuild, face and case the BB and headset, hub service, frame alignment, hanger alignment … It’s the real deal. A great team of six trainees, all of which have and are in different sectors of the bicycle world, some working at Velodromes, some with successful multi-store outlets, some with the IDB, and your local BLACK COUNTRY MECHANIC.

From all our experience with ATG Training, and especially the service of both Mike and Jim, we’d like to say thank you very much for a wonderful time. We’ve seen education from all sides of the spectrum, having chased the last year of the old-style City & Guilds, the new-style NVQ Level Two, A Levels, GCSE’s, University, semi-traditional Apprenticeships … For a modern course with a truly pragmatic outcome, I can say with most confidence that the quality of the course (although we were only being assessed) and the pedagogy which underpins their teaching is exceedingly high. I cannot comment on the NVQ-backed year apprenticeship, but the in-house courses are well worth the money, especially if you feel your skills could do with some confidence-boosting.

Keep rollin’ …

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